I dreamed to own a Chanel jacket since my teenage years.
Once I told to my aunt that when I would be older, I would get a job to save money to buy myself a Chanel jacket. She was very surprised and told me that she couldn’t imagine a young girl like me in a Chanel suit, it was too « Madame » in her opinion. I explained her that I didn’t want a suit, just a jacket. To wear with a pair of Levis jeans and Converse sneakers. And that’s how I wear my Chanel jacket now, 30 years later.

When I bought my first one 10 years ago, I had been searching a black Chanel jacket for a long time. Chanel always has many jackets in their collection in all kind of styles and colors, but a simple black one, they only bring once every few years for their ready-to-wear collections.
At the time I was a fashion buyer for the Antwerp based boutique SN3, that has a Chanel shop-in-shop, so I had seen many, but none had spoke to me like the black one that came along in autumn 2008. This became my first jacket. The second one I purchased was from KERN1, another black bouclé jacket with pearl trim and 3/4 sleeves. Recently my hair got stuck in the jacket and I lost one of the pearls. Luckily at the Chanel Boutique on Rue Cambon in Paris they were able to help me replace it and now it is good as new again.
Tami Kern
After I got my first Chanel jacket, a beautiful grey tweed with black trim, I was sold. It gives you a special feeling when you wear a Chanel jacket. I mainly fall for the vintage pieces, that I find even more timeless. Often I combine my Chanel jackets with a very casual outfit, I like to add the jacket on top for a luxurious and chic layer, which immediately finishes the whole look. My latest addition is the bomber jacket from Chanel’s pre-fall 2017 show which I bought via KERN1.
Tami Kern
When I was pregnant with our first baby, I remember bumping into the most beautiful Chanel suit in a wonderful vintage store in Brussels. Obviously it did not fit, but at that moment I promised myself to look for a similar piece when I would be back in shape. Fast forward to more than five years later, when I accidentally discovered Tami’s Kern1. As I scrolled through the items I literally felt my heart skip a beat; this was what I had been waiting for. Tami came to my home bringing several pieces which was great, because I ended up choosing a completely different model than I first had in mind. While the boxy, short jackets are fabulous, I fell in love with this longer one; I think it is easier to wear as I can use it both as an ‘in between’ coat and a jacket. The fabric is so incredibly beautiful and the buttons are small pieces of art; I love how the black and gold complement the blue color and add a little extra. I never knew Chanel items are so well made you can adjust them to other sizes so it fits perfectly well now! I feel incredibly happy and lucky each and every time I wear it, wether it’s with jeans, sailor pants or a long skirt. And while it looks brand new, I am loving the fact that the jacket has had a life before me and hopefully will have one after that as well - I can totally picture our daughter wearing it someday.

When I first wore it (to the playground!) I met with one of my best friends- she later told me she thought I looked beautiful and stylish yet casual. When I told her I was wearing my new Chanel she laughed and said she did not even recognize the brand but just loved the outfit. And that’s exactly how I wished it would be!
Tami Kern
I admire Coco Chanel’s life story and work and have been wanting a Chanel jacket for a while. There were times when I walked into the Chanel boutique to try on a jacket, but to spend 6000 euro on a new Chanel jacket, I just couldn’t. When I saw my jacket on KERN1 I knew right away it was very ‘me’. I consulted with my friend Jetteke van Lexmond and she told me to go for it.

After purchasing my jacket, deciding what would be the first time to wear it was a quite a thing for me. The jacket was hanging in my closet waiting to be worn. That special time came when I was scheduled to do an important presentation for Keune (hair cosmetics). I decided that this was the right moment. When I am on stage it is very important for me to feel comfortable, but at the same time the audience needs something interesting to look at. I chose to wear the jacket closed as it is even more of a statement. It is interesting to see how people react when you wear a Chanel jacket. They notice and are impressed. After using it for the first time, I feel that I am getting more comfortable to take it out of the closet and I am ready to wear it for many more years to come.
Tami Kern

This jacket story is actually a story about a dress. At KERN1 we focus on Chanel jackets, but sometimes make exceptions. This vintage dress for instance, which was too good in our eyes not to collect. So thought Laura, the new owner of this dress, here pictured with her daughter Julie.

I did not plan to buy this dress. Usually I am very conscious about what I purchase. It rarely happens that I fall in love with an item and decide to buy it right away. I usually know exactly what I want and search for these specific items. When the item is hard to find or it’s something from an older collection I’ll buy second-hand. When I came across KERN1 I thought I might be buying a jacket in the future, if the right one would come along. But then I saw this dress. As I did not own any garments of Chanel before, I was not sure about the sizing and preferred to try the dress on before taking it. I met with Tami, KERN1’s owner, to see the dress in real life. I loved it, but it had to be adjusted at one part to fit me perfectly. It took two weeks before the dress was ready. In the meantime I started doubting my purchase, because I bought it more impulsively than usual. When I got the call the dress was ready and I saw it again, I was so happy and knew again why I bought it.
Tami Kern
I have always linked Chanel in my imagination to being worn by a very sophisticated kind of woman. A woman who had seen some of the world, who knew a thing or two about life and who appreciated beautiful things. When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I was still very much discovering who I was and what I liked in regard to clothes and style. I just felt too young to pull it off! Now I am in my late thirties, I feel I am ‘ready’ to wear such a classic jacket, without feeling like the jacket is wearing me.

I am careful about what I buy, and of course a jacket like this is an investment, but when I see something I love I can be a very impulsive buyer. I had been looking for a vintage Chanel jacket for quite some time, but I hadn’t found anything I really loved, in great condition, until I came across the jackets of KERN1. I wear a lot of black and so for me this jacket was a perfect addition to my wardrobe. Something different than plain black, but also a perfect accompaniment to what I already own. I’m also quite tall and so I loved the longer line/cut.

Above everything else I love the craftmanship which has gone into the jacket. It is so far removed from the current trend of mass produced ‘fast fashion’. I know that if I look after it well, it can last a very long time and that feels very satisfying in a time in which we often throw so much away. I love the idea of keeping it and passing it down to my daughter or granddaughter.
Tami Kern
The Chanel Jacket Stories Jetteke
My first memory of Chanel jackets goes back to when I was about four years old. Of course, at that time, I had no idea what the brand Chanel was, but one of my aunts used to wear it often and I always felt mesmerized by and attracted to her beautiful clothing and accessories. About 15 years ago I bought my first jacket, in Belgium. When I saw the soft pink fabric hanging in the store, my heart skipped a beat. I found it expensive, but had to have it. Since then I started a small collection. At KERN1 I bought two vintage pieces, a long black jacket with gold statement buttons, that can be worn as a coat or a dress. And an ecru jacket with black trim. I wear my jackets daily. Both at day- and nighttime. For an evening event, I just add some extra jewelry and I am ready to go. The jackets are part of me and I will wear them forever. If you see an 80-year-old lady on the street with a Chanel jacket, that will be me.
The Chanel Jacket Stories Jetteke 2
Tami Kern
The Chanel Jacket Stories Janet
Two years ago I fell in love with a short navy jacket at KERN1’s former gallery in Amsterdam, although at the time I was living in Brazil, a country where you wear airy clothes the majority of the year, I decided to buy it anyway. The jacket was an investment. It is a high-quality product that can be used for about 50 years. I care about sustainability and I am willing to pay for it. Now I live in Holland, the jacket is easier to wear. I throw it on for casual occasions, rather than at special events, as I don’t like to grab too much attention with it.
Tami Kern
The Chanel Jacket Stories Anna
My preference is to buy vintage clothes, as they tend to have more soul in them than new items. The connection with a piece is important for me. I buy a lot online and it does happen that the item I ordered, although it is beautiful, does not give me a good feeling. If the click is not there, I resell. I love Chanel jackets and usually have one or multiple of them in my wardrobe. The jacket I purchased at KERN1 was a vintage black one with white trim. A typical Chanel jacket. I wore it many times and also used it in photoshoots for my brand Artipoppe (baby wraps). In 2017 I decided to pass it on to a dear friend of mine. She loved it and it felt okay for me to let it go, as it was a bit too long for me in the end. Now I am on the search for a new classic little black jacket, or a white one.
Tami Kern
The Chanel Jacket Stories Diana
In 2016 I purchased my very first Chanel jacket at the gallery of Tami Kern Depôt-Vente (the forerunner of KERN1) in Amsterdam. A simple navy blue jacket with v-neck. As it is classic I get to wear it both casually and work-related. This specific jacket is attached to a special moment for me. I wore it in my last show as a news anchor at RTL (one of the biggest Dutch tv-stations), where I worked for over 18 years. Usually, the clothes for this show are chosen by a stylist, but I knew right away that for this last and special show I wanted to wear this Chanel jacket. The jacket makes me feel comfortable and safe. It is supporting and does not grab attention. On tv it is important that clothes are not distracting.

At this point I have another two Chanel jackets, both bought at KERN1. A black one with fringe trim and another vintage piece in cream with gold buttons. I fell for the black one as it is a typical black Chanel jacket. It does have a small shimmer though, while I usually don’t wear glitter. It is so subtle that it attracted me. The cream jacket I don’t get to wear so often at this moment, but I cannot see myself ever getting tired of them. They are forever.
Tami Kern
The Chanel Jacket Stories Anna 2
Whenever I take my Chanel blouse out of the closet, put it on and the silk covers my body like a second skin, I feel special. It is delicate, therefore I only wear it on certain occasions. To the premiere of Onegin by the Dutch National Ballet for instance. The blouse was my first Chanel item. After finding out how good one feels when wearing a high-quality piece like that, I started saving up for a jacket. Hopefully soon...
Tami Kern