I dreamed to own a Chanel jacket since my teenage years.
Once I told to my aunt that when I would be older, I would get a job to save money to buy myself a Chanel jacket. She was very surprised and told me that she couldn’t imagine a young girl like me in a Chanel suit, it was too « Madame » in her opinion. I explained her that I didn’t want a suit, just a jacket. To wear with a pair of Levis jeans and Converse sneakers. And that’s how I wear my Chanel jacket now, 30 years later.

When I bought my first one 10 years ago, I had been searching a black Chanel jacket for a long time. Chanel always has many jackets in their collection in all kind of styles and colors, but a simple black one, they only bring once every few years for their ready-to-wear collections.
At the time I was a fashion buyer for the Antwerp based boutique SN3, that has a Chanel shop-in-shop, so I had seen many, but none had spoke to me like the black one that came along in autumn 2008. This became my first jacket. The second one I purchased was from KERN1, another black bouclé jacket with pearl trim and 3/4 sleeves. Recently my hair got stuck in the jacket and I lost one of the pearls. Luckily at the Chanel Boutique on Rue Cambon in Paris they were able to help me replace it and now it is good as new again.
Tami Kern