When I was pregnant with our first baby, I remember bumping into the most beautiful Chanel suit in a wonderful vintage store in Brussels. Obviously it did not fit, but at that moment I promised myself to look for a similar piece when I would be back in shape. Fast forward to more than five years later, when I accidentally discovered Tami’s Kern1. As I scrolled through the items I literally felt my heart skip a beat; this was what I had been waiting for. Tami came to my home bringing several pieces which was great, because I ended up choosing a completely different model than I first had in mind. While the boxy, short jackets are fabulous, I fell in love with this longer one; I think it is easier to wear as I can use it both as an ‘in between’ coat and a jacket. The fabric is so incredibly beautiful and the buttons are small pieces of art; I love how the black and gold complement the blue color and add a little extra. I never knew Chanel items are so well made you can adjust them to other sizes so it fits perfectly well now! I feel incredibly happy and lucky each and every time I wear it, wether it’s with jeans, sailor pants or a long skirt. And while it looks brand new, I am loving the fact that the jacket has had a life before me and hopefully will have one after that as well - I can totally picture our daughter wearing it someday.

When I first wore it (to the playground!) I met with one of my best friends- she later told me she thought I looked beautiful and stylish yet casual. When I told her I was wearing my new Chanel she laughed and said she did not even recognize the brand but just loved the outfit. And that’s exactly how I wished it would be!
Tami Kern