This jacket story is actually a story about a dress. At KERN1 we focus on Chanel jackets, but sometimes make exceptions. This vintage dress for instance, which was too good in our eyes not to collect. So thought Laura, the new owner of this dress, here pictured with her daughter Julie.

I did not plan to buy this dress. Usually I am very conscious about what I purchase. It rarely happens that I fall in love with an item and decide to buy it right away. I usually know exactly what I want and search for these specific items. When the item is hard to find or it’s something from an older collection I’ll buy second-hand. When I came across KERN1 I thought I might be buying a jacket in the future, if the right one would come along. But then I saw this dress. As I did not own any garments of Chanel before, I was not sure about the sizing and preferred to try the dress on before taking it. I met with Tami, KERN1’s owner, to see the dress in real life. I loved it, but it had to be adjusted at one part to fit me perfectly. It took two weeks before the dress was ready. In the meantime I started doubting my purchase, because I bought it more impulsively than usual. When I got the call the dress was ready and I saw it again, I was so happy and knew again why I bought it.
Tami Kern