I have always linked Chanel in my imagination to being worn by a very sophisticated kind of woman. A woman who had seen some of the world, who knew a thing or two about life and who appreciated beautiful things. When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I was still very much discovering who I was and what I liked in regard to clothes and style. I just felt too young to pull it off! Now I am in my late thirties, I feel I am ‘ready’ to wear such a classic jacket, without feeling like the jacket is wearing me.

I am careful about what I buy, and of course a jacket like this is an investment, but when I see something I love I can be a very impulsive buyer. I had been looking for a vintage Chanel jacket for quite some time, but I hadn’t found anything I really loved, in great condition, until I came across the jackets of KERN1. I wear a lot of black and so for me this jacket was a perfect addition to my wardrobe. Something different than plain black, but also a perfect accompaniment to what I already own. I’m also quite tall and so I loved the longer line/cut.

Above everything else I love the craftmanship which has gone into the jacket. It is so far removed from the current trend of mass produced ‘fast fashion’. I know that if I look after it well, it can last a very long time and that feels very satisfying in a time in which we often throw so much away. I love the idea of keeping it and passing it down to my daughter or granddaughter.
Tami Kern