The Chanel Jacket Stories Diana
In 2016 I purchased my very first Chanel jacket at the gallery of Tami Kern Depôt-Vente (the forerunner of KERN1) in Amsterdam. A simple navy blue jacket with v-neck. As it is classic I get to wear it both casually and work-related. This specific jacket is attached to a special moment for me. I wore it in my last show as a news anchor at RTL (one of the biggest Dutch tv-stations), where I worked for over 18 years. Usually, the clothes for this show are chosen by a stylist, but I knew right away that for this last and special show I wanted to wear this Chanel jacket. The jacket makes me feel comfortable and safe. It is supporting and does not grab attention. On tv it is important that clothes are not distracting.

At this point I have another two Chanel jackets, both bought at KERN1. A black one with fringe trim and another vintage piece in cream with gold buttons. I fell for the black one as it is a typical black Chanel jacket. It does have a small shimmer though, while I usually don’t wear glitter. It is so subtle that it attracted me. The cream jacket I don’t get to wear so often at this moment, but I cannot see myself ever getting tired of them. They are forever.
Tami Kern