On December 4th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York Chanel showed its annual Métiers d’Art collection. While most Chanel fashion shows are being held in Paris, the Métiers d’Art collection travels to different destinations around the world to be presented to the public in the most memorable and extravagant way. After Edinburgh, Salzburg, Dallas, Rome and Hamburg, NY was chosen as backdrop for the latest Métiers d’Art collection.

As Chanel brings multiple collections every year, that also go by different names, we are often asked the question what the difference is between them and how many there are exactly. This is the first article in a series that highlights and explains more about the Chanel collections.

The Métiers d’Art collection was introduced by the brand in 2002 to pay a yearly tribute to the eleven Parisian couture ateliers Chanel closely works with. To be able to make their garments and accessories with the highest level of craftsmanship they turn to Lesage for embroideries, the pleating is done by Maison Lagnon, the shoes come from Massaro. Desrues knows how to make the best fine jewlery and for hats Maison Michel is their go-to craftsman studio. The Métiers d’Art collection is all about bringing attention to their extraordinary handwork and showing the capabilities of these ateliers.

The Métiers d’Art collection is also known as Chanel’s pre-fall line, as it is being launched in the period that other fashion houses release their small-scale so-called pre-fall collections as a transition between the bigger Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections. Chanel shows usually about 60 looks for pre-fall. While their Ready to Wear Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter runway shows bring around 80 looks.

It is the second time Karl Lagerfeld chose New York as his pre-fall location. The first show was in their boutique on 57th Street in 2005. Looking forward to offer you a pre-owned Chanel Métiers D’Art 2018/2019 jacket in a while.

Tami Kern