Once you made the decision to invest in a Chanel jacket, you want to ensure your dream item will last a lifetime and keeps its value, in case you ever want to resell.

There are a few things you can do to support your Chanel jacket and keep it in its best condition for many years to come. These 6 tips will help you to do exactly that.

Before we begin, keep in mind that Chanel jackets are made of premium fabrics and are meant to last. You can easily wear them without having to being afraid that they get damaged.

1. To keep your jacket fresh, hang it outside to air every once in a while, preferably in cloudy, damp weather and be careful for sun and rain. Does it have a smell you want to get rid of? Use a fabric refresher and spray it all over the jacket. Repeat multiple times if need till the smell disappears (an extra tip for customers from Holland: we always use Kruidvat's textielverfrisser). Never put your jacket in the laundry machine. 

2. If your jacket has a stain, send it out to a professional dry cleaner who has experience with Chanel jackets and who knows how to protect its buttons and embellishments in the cleaning process. We advise to have your jacket only dry cleaned if it is really needed.

3. Buttons are one of the most important features of Chanel jackets. A missing button decreases the beauty and the value of an item. To make sure these small pieces of art stay right where they belong, it is advised to check your buttons from time to time. If the thread comes loose, just securely attach it with a same color thread and the jacket is ready for another decade.

4. As years pass by the exterior of a Chanel jacket is often wonderfully kept. However, the condition of the silk lining, especially in light-colored jackets, is a different story. It may occur that vintage jackets show discoloration on one or multiple spots on the inside. To prevent your jacket against discoloration add antiperspirant pads on the inside of the jacket at arm height. It may not feel sexy, but it will keep your jacket fresh and stainless. 

5. Chanel jackets are constructed of multiple panels to optimize its shape and to make re-sizing easier. Over the years, you might notice that your clothing size changed and the jacket lost its perfect fit for your body. At Chanel boutiques it is possible to have your (vintage) jacket altered and sized-up or down by their skilled tailors to make it fit perfectly again. 

6. Your jacket will spend most of its life on a clothing hanger, so it is important to invest in a hanger that fits well at the shoulders and keeps the jacket in its natural shape. If you decide to store your jacket in a garment bag, go for a canvas bag rather than a plastic one, as the canvas ones don't trap moisture and give the fabric space to breath. 

Tami Kern