Finding the right jacket, the one that fits you perfectly, makes your heart beat faster and matches your style, is a delicate process. Sometimes it is needed to see the jacket in real life, to try it on and feel the fabric, before understanding if it is the right match for you. That is why we invented the 'mobile fitting room'.

How does it work?

If you are located in the Netherlands or in Belgium. You can buy any jacket from our online store and get it personally delivered by Tami, KERN1's owner. All you need to do is choose for the 'personal delivery-option' at check out. We will make an appointment for delivery and you will be given the opportunity to try the jacket on to make sure it fits perfectly. If it does not? No problem. We will take the jacket back and refund you on the spot.  

The mobile fitting room will take place from September 24-28 in the Randstad in the Netherlands.

For any questions, feel free to PM on Instagram or contact us through

Tami Kern